Hello my friend and thanks for surfin' in. At this website you will find my ”good-enough-to-be-demoed” songs published by my company TomKnox Songs.

1995 - 2002, The Nashville Years. The bulk of my songs where written in Music City and it all started by a coincidence. In the mid-nineties an American Airlines captain, named Addison Gore, walked into my keyboard store in Stockholm to browse the selection. I soon found out he was a part time songwriter from Nashville where I was bound to go on my first trip a few weeks later. I played him some poor songs of mine and he amazingly said we really should get in touch when I got there. Hey, don’t all americans say that? Truth was he meant it!

When I arrived in Nashville we met up and he took me around town to meet his friends in the music business. They where all established producers, publishers or artists/songwriters. Already on my next visit to Tennessee I was writing songs with a bunch of major staff writers or independent talented tunesmiths. Unfortunately I still have no cuts by Nashville recording artists but I am proud to say some of the songs did get recorded in Sweden.

See the Cuts page for an index. To find out more the way it was, trying to figure out the Nashville Music Row mysteries, listen to this simple song called "I Love Nashville".